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Taekwondo offers families many of the things often lacking in today's society:




Agility and Strength




A sense of community

When most think of Martial Arts a few quick thoughts may come to mind - strong men breaking bricks or grappling on the mat.  Martial Arts has actually evolved is more accessible to everyone at every age and ability.  It doesn't mean the true lessons of the Arts have been lost, rather refined to be delivered by age and ability.  Taekwondo especially.  

Taekwondo (World Taekwondo Federation) is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea (Kukkiwon) Kukkiwon’s entire purpose is to strengthen Taekwondo as a sport for everyone to learn and enjoy.  

So what can Taekwondo do with consistent and proper training.  Let’s look at some real student accounts. 


We often have children come into the studio who have a difficult time staying on task (at school or at home or with a sport or hobby).  Mom and Dad come in asking if Taekwondo may be an option.  Or maybe their pediatrician suggested it.  Guess what?  It is!

The child is initially very excited about the new environment and all the new faces and sounds.  It may be a few class sessions before the student sees the regularity of the class format and the positive environment.  They begin to try to follow the Instructor.  They see results from their efforts and they begin to focus and calm down more and more.  Parents are often stunned.  Again, with regular attendance, the student begins to find security and confidence in coming to Taekwondo.  Taekwondo reinforces focus because the only way a student learns is by following instruction on the mat.  They know when they are distracted and when they are focus.  We foster focus in a positive and healthy way.


We ask students to help at home with a weekly job list.  They earn belt stripes from completing these simple tasks.  So we all know moms and dads may ask their children to keep their bedrooms clean and organized, or to brush their teeth, do homework, be respectful to family members etc.  Parents sometimes feel like they tend to repeat themselves and struggle with the child’s follow through, but when the parents have additional support from the Taekwondo family, the students tend to want to perform and follow through.  It reinforces the positive impact of following through on basic jobs that begin to form a good pattern of healthy habits and thinking.  The discipline habit begins with simple tasks, positive feedback and a healthy community.


It is not a new concept that Martial Arts is based primarily on Courtesy and Respect since it originates with countries who’s cultures have multiple layers of respect from how they address one another in their use of language, body language in depth of bows, to eating first or last at the table, to not directly asking questions that may seem impolite.  It’s amazing to study the Martial Arts and see the very subtle ways in which this has been incorporated into the daily class formats.

Every new student to our Grandmaster - bow before entering the mat and as they exit.  Students address one another in a clear and formal manner.  Belt levels are respected in every class.  Students listen politely.  There is no judgmental behavior or attitude tolerated at any time by any member of the studio.  Courtesy and Respect come first and foremost.  

New white belts may feel awkward with the white uniforms, the bowing, the Korean terms and standing still when the Master is speaking but after a few belts, there is a natural adaptation that becomes second nature.  Those students in turn soon become the next role models for the next incoming groups of students.  The Black Belts and Masters are the ultimate role models, and they must always exude a professional and respectful demeanor.


Often Martial Arts is sought out for its Fitness Component.  That is accurate.  Taekwondo is primarily about strong kicking and strong cardio.  It asks for balance and coordination from both sides of the body.  If a student enters as a white belt, they slowly begin gaining the strength, flexibility, agility and confidence required to learn the advancing curriculum.  That is why earning a Black Belt takes time.  The body and mind must advance together in a natural rhythm.

Parents sometimes come in asking if they can take class.  Yes!!  Just take it slow.  Have fun.  Parents say they want greater fitness for their children.  Yes!  Same thing.  Take it slow and have fun.  Everyone has an area that comes faster and an area that will require more effort.  Sometimes a child comes in and is very flexible but needs strength.  A child comes in who is overweight and a bit ungainly on the mat.  A child comes in who cannot find their left foot to kick, only using the right, even when they think its their left foot.  Give it time. Nature finds its way. They body and mind find the balance once the child/student gains the confidence to try.  Its amazing to witness.


Bruce Lee is a popular and legendary Martial Artist.  He is an example of someone who loved what he did and trained daily for years.  He developed his own revolutionary style of Martial Arts and taught others.  He never gave up.  He was physically amazing.  The body was trained to well and he was so fast.

Henry Ford failed over and over again but never gave up.  Why?  He didn’t care if he failed he was only trying to solve a problem.

Persistence is a rare and ephemeral trait that can’t be bought.  There are many books out there now about “grit” and why some have it and others do not.  One thing we do know that is if children (and adults) learn to continue in the face of obstacles and defeat, there is trait that is developed that can permeate their lives.  A trait that is needed in order to be successful.  Success is whatever you define it to be, but never giving up and enjoying your choices in life is priceless.  Martial Arts asks the student to continually grow and be challenged.  Giving up is easy, staying strong and look at your failure and reassessing is strength.  That is hard and that is what makes a Taekwondo student so amazing.  


When you teach something, that means are learning it again.  Our Instructors have been in our studio for almost 10 years. They are now in the position to teach what they know and it makes them better at understanding the art and understanding how each student learns differently.  Our Instructors are home grown.  This gives innumerable benefits.

A Sense of Community

True North Taekwondo is Temecula Valley's most beloved neighborhood martial arts studio. We are a community built on friendship and excellent training. True North is a warm hearted studio where students love to come and parents love to watch.  Come see us!