About Us

We offer instruction for students starting at or around 4 years of age and up to adult.  We are a World Taekwondo Federation School with a Kukkiwon affiliation. Our instructors are trained and tested in the same style.

True North Taekwondo is a warm community of families focused on learning the values of taekwondo martial arts in a supportive and friendly environment.

We provide physical and mental development. Character development through emphasizing core values which include: gratitude, loyalty, responsibility, being humble and kind, and pursuing personal excellence.

Our studio is located in Temecula on the Temecula Parkway in the Stater Brothers shopping center, next to the Pizza Factory. We are a certified World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) and Kukkiwon studio. Our Masters and Instructors are well-trained and current in their training and technique.


Grandmaster keun jung kim

Grandmaster Keun Jung Kim is a native of South Korea. He has studied Martial Arts for nearly 50 years (Taekwondo (8th Dan), Hapkido (8th Dan), Kendo (3rd Dan), Kung Fu, Moo Do Kwan to name the most well known forms). 

He enjoys teaching Kendo and Taekwondo, with a focus on Poomsae. He is a National Referee and an active member of Kukkiwon.

Master Marlon Roundhouse Kick.jpg

MASter marlon avenido

Master Marlon Avenido is a native of the Philippines.  He has studied Taekwondo, namely sparring, for over 20 years. 

His credits include: 2012 World Olympics Qualifier, 2008 Asian Championship, 2008 World Cup,  2009 & 2011 World Championships, 2011 World University Games , 2011 Southeast Asian Games

Medals: 2007 ASEAN Games (Silver), 2008 - ASEAN University Games (Silver), 2009 Asian Martial Arts Games (Silver), 2009 ASEAN Games (Gold), 2010 Asian Championships (Bronze), 2010 ASEAN University (Bronze).  Philippines National Team Member (2007-2012), National Champion (2007-2011).  Certified National Philippine Instructor since 2010.


Kristen overman, school director M.ed

Kristen Overman, M.Ed. is a trained AMI Montessori Teacher, Yoga Instructor, 2nd Dan Taekwondo WTF.

Founder/Director of a private Montessori School in Connecticut. 

Head of School for large private Montessori School in New Jersey.

Taught Elementary and University level students for almost 20 years before training in Taekwondo.


Denise Prejusa, Head Instructor

Denise Prejusa is the Head Instructor, 3rd Dan Taekwondo WTF. Training since 2008.

Medals: Annual Oceanside Tournament 3 Gold, 2 Silver, 3 Bronze; Fullerton Tournament 2009 1 Gold, 1 Bronze; 2011 Junior Olympics Texas 1 Bronze; Jimmy Kim Invitational 1 Silver, 2011/2012 Junior Olympics San Jose 2012 National Qualifier 2011/2012.


Aaron marrs, Instructor

Aaron Marrs, 3rd Dan Taekwondo WTF.

Medals: Junior Olympic Bronze Medalist, 1 Gold, 3 Silver, 2 Bronze Annual Oceanside Tournament, 1 Silver Jimmy Kim Invitational


NICK BEAVER, Instructor

Nick Beaver, 3rd Dan Taekwondo WTF.

Medals: 4 Bronze, 2 Silver Annual Oceanside Tournament, 2 Bronze Fullerton Invitational